A Legacy of Trusted Quality Healthcare

Mount Grace Hospitals, Inc. is a member of the United Laboratories Group, the Philippines’ largest pharmaceutical company.

For over 70 years, United Laboratories, Inc. has been at the forefront of providing reasonably-priced and consistently-reliable healthcare products to the Philippines, a feat that has helped propel its growing presence in other Asian countries.

United Laboratories, Inc.’s legacy of providing trusted quality healthcare serves as the inspiration and stimulus for Mount Grace to make a difference in the way health services are rendered to its communities.

Finding Better Ways to Better Health

We believe that better access to better health can be achieved through significant improvements in the way we do things at the hospital level and at the network level.

In each of our partner hospitals, we work hard in organizing our operating systems, processes and staff to deliver our services in the most convenient, economical, pleasant and effective manner. We ensure that we are up to speed with the best practices in hospital management, information systems, people management, and quality standards as we continuously adopt relevant technology. We strive to provide a work environment where all hospital can achieve professional fulfillment and help attain their full potential and aspirations.

As a network, we seek to facilitate patient access to medical services via geographic presence in key urban areas nationwide, effective referral systems within and across hospitals, and coordinated information campaigns. We actively pursue the reduction of the financial burden to medical care by capturing the synergies arising from close collaboration among network hospitals as well as with other key players of the health care system; such as third party payors, doctors, other health professionals and medical products suppliers.

One Strong, Committed Network

We are keenly aware that our continuing quest for sustainability must consider the high social dimension of the services that we provide through our partner hospitals. We recognize that we are not simply providers of care; we are also involved as stewards of health of the communities around us. Each time we effectively serve a patient, we can make a difference in that person's well-being, and that of his family.

We recognize that the care required by our patients can go beyond the premises of our hospitals. We will continuously seek ways to respond to the needs of our customers be at home or in their workplace.

We will deliver on this aspiration by adhering to our key values:


Patients feel assured that they will be cared for by competent and compassionate health professionals, who likewise feel assured that their potentials are maximized.


We aspire to be the best in all that we do, embracing innovation and rendering quality care benchmarked against accepted regulatory, as well as appropriate local and international standards.


Our staff are given the authority and accountability to properly discharge their functions. Our patients know their rights and responsibilities, and are active participants in the care of their own health.


We recognize the value of working as a team towards a shared objective and strive to achieve this through open communication and respectful relationships.


The focus of our attention is our customer: we are passionate in giving him a positive experience whenever he interacts with us.

Our Logo

The tree represents life---whose preservation, promotion and protection via health services is the underlying essence of Mount Grace's mission. The tree also connotes one interconnected system of different parts, which intrinsically is what the Mount Grace hospital network is all about.

The leaves symbolize the different hospitals in our network, and the significant roles each one of them plays in contributing to the success of Mount Grace. They are heart-shaped as they also represent our brand of compassionate, expert medical care. The leaves are connected by twigs and branches which represent the common values and aspirations that are the underlying threads binding the members of the network.

The trunk, on the other hand, signifies stability, unity and synergy among the partner-hospitals, supporting the "leaves" (partners) that make up the entire network. The trunk also is presented like a cross, hinting of the red cross which is a universal symbol for medical care.

Red symbolizes the passion we have for the work that we do. While blue represents Trust, one of our core values that helps us in our quest to give Filipinos better access to better health.

Our Manifesto for Health

We all know life is too precious
to waste worrying about where to go.
Especially when you or your loved ones
don't feel well or wish to remain healthy.

And because we understand your health can't wait,
We're bringing care closer to you.
We are a growing and committed network
of strategically located hospitals.

Constantly guided by high standards, we strive to provide
You with proper, accessible medical services.
And we've gathered the most passionate healthcare professionals
in the country to join you in your quest to stay healthy.

We create systems of communication and collaboration
that put you in the center of expert care and attention.
And we're always searching and adapting relevant technology
to give you faster and accurate results and answers.

We recognize that sickness and disease
already put a strain on finances.
And that any efficiency gained
means precious pesos saved.

We do all these to ensure you're never far from the best solutions.
From creating new hospital partnerships and enhancing patient experience,
to improve facilities, systems, and service quality,
we're going the distance, so you don't have to.

We are the Mount Grace Hospital Group
and we're not just near you, we're here for you
because we always believe
that with better access, comes better health.