Mount Grace Hospitals, Inc. (MGHI) recognizes the value of having a centralized support system that answers and proactively anticipates the needs of partner hospitals. This allows better collaboration across the network, which in turn leads to operational efficiency and cost savings. Our Shared Services include:

Biomedical Equipment Maintenance

A comprehensive maintenance program for proper equipment planning and management. This ensures the optimal functionality of hospital equipment through the following:

  • Medical Equipment Inspection & Installation

    We help assess and install new medical equipment.

  • Preventive Maintenance Program

    We develop and espouse the implementation of a proactive plan that minimizes service downtime and improves system reliability through equipment inspection and evaluation; electrical safety maintenance; corrective maintenance; and equipment calibration.

  • Service Parts Sourcing and Purchasing

    We assist hospitals access spare parts suppliers to hasten repair time and reduce purchase costs.

  • Advisory Services For New Technology and Equipment

    We assist in the evaluation of technology/equipment features and in the negotiation of purchase terms and service standards.

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Bulk Procurement Program

To maximize cost savings, Mount Grace actively encourages its partner hospitals to participate in a consolidated purchasing strategy for selected medicines, medical supplies, instruments and equipment. This is achieved through:

  • Sourcing and Bulk Purchasing

    We identify, consolidate and source---via competitive bidding or negotiated purchase---consumables and capital expenditure items for the whole network.

  • Vendor Management

    We recognize the value of good vendor relations and strategic purchasing. Hence, we also manage vendor accreditation, procurement processes, performance monitoring, and arrange centralized bulk purchasing agreements.

Finance Services

We support our partner hospitals with a range of financial and administrative services to achieve strategic business growth and heighten efficiency; such as:

  • Financial Policies, Processes and Systems

    We standardize our financial practices to facilitate benchmarking; including chart of accounts, accounting policies, budgeting, financial reports, accounts receivables management, and inventory management.

  • Financial Advisory Services

    We assist in investment analysis, risk management, and negotiations with financial institutions.

  • Audit and Internal Controls

    We collaborate in strengthening internal monitoring mechanisms via policy reviews, process audits and monitoring adherence to regulatory and quality requirements.

Human Resource & Organizational Development (HROD)

We believe that a critical success factor of any organization is a well-motivated, committed and empowered workforce. Thus, we support our partner hospitals in their HROD endeavors, including:

  • Key HR Functions

    We assist in the crafting and review of policies and practices, including: recruitment, retention, compensation, training, and performance management. We also help in the set-up of HR information systems, centralized payroll services as well as exchange relevant information and best practices among partner hospitals.

  • HR Advisory and Consultancy

    We reinforce HR initiatives by providing inputs in strategic planning, learning and development, organizational development and culture building.

IT Solutions & Services

We provide information technology (IT) support to hospitals, assisting on hardware and software infrastructure, security and maintenance.

  • IT Support

    We assist in hardware infrastructure and hospital information systems enhancements to ensure stability and security of the technology platform.

  • IT Evaluation

    We help evaluate clinical and administrative information systems and other application software projects to ensure that specifications are met and costs optimized.

  • IT Solutions

    We help digitize operations and processes through adoption of appropriate technology to improve operational efficiency, enhance patient experience, reinforce quality care and strengthen financial viability.

Business Development

We recognize the importance of creating long-term value for the network, its customers, and partners. Thus we give importance to the following disciplines to make sure that the Mount Grace brand is trusted through the years:

  • Brand Management

    Through culture building and symbiotic marketing programs, we aim to simultaneously strengthen the brand equities of Mount Grace and its partner hospitals.

  • Customer Service

    Through improvements in our processes, and investing on skills enrichment and patient-centered programs, we aspire to standardize customer experience across the network.

  • Account Management

    Through partnering with individual and corporate groups leveraging from the network’s ties to care providers, funders, suppliers and other entities, we aim to foster a culture of cooperation and collaboration.

Quality Assurance

We utilize a range of methods that aim to enhance clinical protocols and outcomes, benchmarking with accepted local and international standards. These allow us to measure and improve the performance of services and health providers so that care is delivered effectively across the network:

  • Quality Assessment and Standard Setting

    We assist in the design of quality standards, including the tracking of such criteria that cover process, outcomes and customer perception of care.

  • Quality Program Implementation

    We help in the implementation of quality initiatives, including the adoption of tools for standardized performance measurement across partner hospitals.

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