Press Release

Madonna and Child Hospital, 22nd Partner Hospital of Mount Grace

Uniting for Better Health: Madonna and Child Hospital partners with Mount Grace Hospitals, Inc. in Cagayan De Oro

CITY OF CAGAYAN DE ORO (CDO), Misamis Oriental - In a significant development for healthcare in the region, Madonna and Child Hospital (MCH) and Mount Grace Hospitals, Inc. (MGHI) have announced a strategic partnership aimed at bolstering healthcare services for the local community.

As Cagayan De Oro emerges as a thriving center of commerce in Northern Mindanao, the demand for quality healthcare services has grown in tandem with its growing population and evolving health needs. Recognizing this trend, Madonna and Child Hospital is positioning itself to become the “hospital of choice” by offering a comprehensive range of medical facilities and technologies.

"We have chosen to collaborate with Mount Grace due to their exceptional reputation in the healthcare industry, and we are confident that this partnership will result in significant enhancements to our healthcare offerings for CDO," said Dr. Miguel E. Kho, President and Medical Director of Madonna and Child Hospital.

Mr. Rhais M. Gamboa, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mount Grace, emphasized the significance of the partnership, stating, "This collaboration presents an opportune moment for Mount Grace and Madonna and Child Hospital to introduce a more enhanced patient care experience to the CDO community, aligning with the city's growth trajectory and the increasing demand for superior healthcare services."

Mount Grace, a member of the UNILAB Group, is an expanding network of private health facilities spanning Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Guided by its mission to provide "better access, better service, better health" to Filipinos, Mount Grace supports its partner hospitals by facilitating the development of appropriate facilities, systems, technologies, and clinical standards. Madonna and Child Hospital is the 22nd partner hospital of Mount Grace.#