Press Release

Madonna and Child Hospital, 22nd Partner Hospital of Mount Grace
Uniting for Better Health: Madonna and Child Hospital partners with Mount Grace Hospitals, Inc. in Cagayan De Oro CITY OF CAGAYAN DE ORO (CDO), Misamis Oriental - In a significant development for healthcare in the region, Madonna and Child Hospital (MCH) and Mount Grace Hospitals, Inc. (MGHI) have announced a strategic partnership aimed at bolstering healthcare services for the local community. As Cagayan De Oro emerges as a thriving center of commerce in Northern Mindanao, the demand for…
ManilaMed and TagaytayMed Shine at the 20th Philippine Quill Awards
Mount Grace proudly announces the exceptional achievements of its partner hospitals, ManilaMed and TagaytayMed, at the prestigious 20th Philippine Quill Awards. The awards, highly coveted among advertisers and communicators, honor the innovative concepts and skills displayed by companies across diverse industries. The Philippine Quill Awards, a pinnacle of creative recognition, serves as a testament to the exceptional talents that drive success in communication. ManilaMed and TagaytayMed's…
Landmarks and hospitals glow in #SolidariTeal for a cervical cancer-free tomorrow
Landmarks and hospitals glow in #SolidariTeal for a cervical cancer-free tomorrow Last June 9, 5 historical landmarks and 13 hospitals within and outside Metro Manila shined a spotlight on cervical cancer by glowing up in teal as an act of solidarity in the call to eliminate cervical cancer through multi-stakeholder collaboration. In line with the “Women Bloom in SolidariTeal” event organized by healthcare company MSD in the Philippines, the Manila City Government lit up key landmarks which inc…