Press Release

ManilaMed and TagaytayMed Shine at the 20th Philippine Quill Awards

Mount Grace proudly announces the exceptional achievements of its partner hospitals, ManilaMed and TagaytayMed, at the prestigious 20th Philippine Quill Awards. The awards, highly coveted among advertisers and communicators, honor the innovative concepts and skills displayed by companies across diverse industries.

The Philippine Quill Awards, a pinnacle of creative recognition, serves as a testament to the exceptional talents that drive success in communication. ManilaMed and TagaytayMed's accolades spotlight their commitment to excellence, pushing boundaries, and showcasing creative brilliance particularly in educating the communities about health and wellness.

These awards reflect not only the creative prowess of ManilaMed and TagaytayMed but also underscore Mount Grace's dedication to fostering excellence within its network.

Congratulations to ManilaMed and TagaytayMed for this well-deserved recognition, setting a remarkable standard in creative health communication.