InLife - Mount Grace Prepaid Maternity Care

InLife and Mount Grace choose to make pregnancy more worry-free and convenient with the InLife Prepaid Maternity Card!

InLife has partnered with Mount Grace Hospitals, Inc. (MGHI) to make maternity care easily accessible. Across the Philippines, Mount Grace has a network of 21 private hospitals, with expert doctors, robust medical services, and compassionate nurses that work together to ensure the well-being of expectant mothers and newborns.

From the joys and journey of pregnancy, to the safe delivery and reassuring attentiveness to a new baby, access to expertise in maternity care is within reach with InLife Prepaid Maternity Card.

Before giving birth:
• One prenatal consultation
• Screening test before admission

During delivery:
• Labor room or operating room use
• Medically required medicines
• Use of equipment:
o Fetal monitor
o Doppler
o Pulse oximeter

• Two-day regular private room use for Natural Spontaneous Delivery (NSD)
• Three-day regular private room use for Cesarian Section Delivery (CS)
• Standard nursing care
• Rooming-in with newborn

Newborn care services:
• Medicines such as:
o Vitamin K, BCG, Hep B, eye ointment
o Newborn screening
o Critical congenital heart disease screening
o Hearing test

Maternity Care is valid for 1 year. Coverage begins 24 hours after successful registration. It is accepted in Mount Grace Hospitals, Inc. (MGHI) partner hospitals. For more information and to purchase the Prepaid Maternity Card: